As opticians, we sift through the enormous world of lenses and distill it down to help you understand your choices. We consult with you to establish your visual needs and use that information to help you experience the real-world applications of the latest in lens technologies. The best lenses with the best coatings, customized perfectly for you, and backed by the industries’ best warranties.


Your satisfaction is our priority.

Germany's best lens 

Germany's innovative manufacturer of spectacle lenses. A strong team of more than 500 employees develops and produces excellent lenses that meet all requirements ever since 1922.

HOYA is number 2 in world spectcal lens market

HOYA Corporation is a global leader in Information Technology, Eye Care, Medical Devices and Imaging Systems. HOYA employs nearly 35,000 people in more than 100 subsidiaries acrossthe globe. 


Alexandria - Egypt 


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Tanta - Egypt 


21 El Guish st.

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